The Only Magic We Know

Various authors

Compiled by Marike Beyers

An anthology of poems by poets previously published by Modjaji Books. A celebration of 15 years of poetry by southern African women.

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Various authors

Compiled by Marike Beyers

Annette Snyckers, Arja Salafranca, Azila Reisenberger, Beverley Rycroft, Christine Coates, Colleen Crawford Cousins, Colleen Higgs,  Crystal Warren, Dawn Garisch, Elisa Galgut, Eliza Kentridge, Fiona Zerbst, Helen Moffett, Ingrid Anderson, Isobel Dixon, Jeannie McKeown, Jenna Mervis, Joan Metelerkamp, Karin Schimke, Kathleho Shoro, Kerry Hammerton, Khadija Heeger, Makhosazana Xaba, Malika Ndlovu, Margaret Clough, Marike Beyers, Megan Hall, Michelle McGrane, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Robin Winckel-Mellish, Sarah Frost, Shirmoney Rhode, Sindiwe Magona, Tariro Ndoro, Thandi Sliepen, Wendy Woodward

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In a crucial way Modjaji has created the poets in this anthology simply by publishing them in the first place. Poetry by definition needs to be out in the world. Many of the volumes of poems Modjaji has published were ‘debut’ volumes, and then sometimes second or third volumes (an even harder thing for a poet to accomplish if she has no sense of where her poems might go).

Joan Metelerkamp.