Modjaji Books is currently not open for submissions

The pandemic years were tough for publishers and the book trade in general both here and internationally. We have decided to focus on the titles we have in the pipeline, which will keep us busy until the beginning of 2025. Authors who have previously published with us are of course welcome to write a query letter.

We do offer manuscript assessments for a fee, you can write to us if you want to take up this offer.

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These are other South African publishers who publish similar books to us that are worth considering submitting to:

Fiction: Jacana Media, Panmacmillan, Geko, Blackbird Books, NB Publishers, Karavan Press for fiction.

For creative non-fiction: Bookstorm, Jonathan Ball, PanMacmillan, Jacana Media, NB Publishers, Geko, Blackbird Books, Karavan Press.

For poetry – imphepho press, deep south, Dryad Press, Black Media Press, Uhlanga Press isn’t accepting submissions this year either.

Please let us know if we should add other publishers here. These are the ones that we were able to list without doing extensive research. Email with your suggestions.