Now Following You

Now Following You

Fiona Snyckers

Now Following You is a clever, chilling and compelling read, which skilfully weaves relevant issues – most notably, the power social media gives to stalkers and others who intend harm — into a captivating story with believable characters.

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Now Following You

“Lovely, slender Jamie. So coltish and delicate. You’re a thoroughbred, all right.”

Jamie Burchell is a digital native – social media comes as naturally to her as breathing.  She Instagrams, tweets and Facebooks her every move.

Then a stalker starts using social media to track her movements.  As his behaviour escalates, so does her fear.  But her blog has never been more popular.  The fans can’t get enough of reading about her stalker.  She is closer than ever to achieving her dream of becoming a writer.  Should she take herself offline out of fear for her own safety or should she refuse to be intimated?

Soon the stalker starts threatening the people she cares about.  But now it’s too late for Jamie to go offline, because he is already following her in real life.

Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers is the author of the Trinity series of novels and the Sisterz series of mobile novels. She has also published various short stories. Fiona blogs for the Mail & Guardian ‘Thought Leader’ website, and for Mail & Guardian Women. Some of her blogs have been republished by the Guardian Africa website. She reviews books for The Times and the Sunday Times. She was a judge on the Twenty in 20 Best Short Stories of South Africa’s Democracy project, and is judging the Bessie Head Literature Award for short story in 2015. Fiona lives in Johannesburg with her husband, three children, and four cats.

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“Fiona Snyckers has got it just right.”
The Witness

“Wonderfully well-written, this book is set to rise to the top of the sales charts.”
The Cape Times

“Completely hilarious and unputdownable.”

“Fiona Snyckers is a gifted writer with an eye for irony and wit.”
Die Bolander

“Gripped me and wouldn’t let go.”
Jassy Mackenzie, author of the Jade de Jong thriller series.

“A quick, slick read. The dialogue is great, relationships are believable. It also packs a powerful punch. It’s the sort of book you can give to a friend/daughter/son/spouse who lives their life in public.”
Maire Fisher

“Has all the ingredients for an enticing novel that we could barely put down long enough to come to work.”
Kirsty Hesom for Media Update

““Thriller. Social comment. Love Story. Fiona Snyckers has a winner in Now Following You.”
Marcia Love (Manager, Dainfern Exclusive Books)

“Fiona Snyckers has cleverly combined a stalker thriller with a love story. This is a seriously well-written page-turner.”
Sue Townsend for Cape Times

“A well written and cleverly crafted thriller.”
Brian Joss, The Gremlin