To The Black Women We All Knew

To The Black Women We All Knew

Kholofelo Maenetsha

The capriciousness of life and love in South Africa now, and the strength of a group of women friends in the face of a crisis.

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To The Black Women We All Knew

“Ama knew what this quilt represented to the women. It was their love for each other, stitched together to form a symbol of their love and a blessing for the union of love between Ama and Thabo. For a moment, she clutched it to her breast, before carrying it over to the stunned group.”

As Ama’s wedding day approaches and her friends – Beauty, Matlakala and Pamela are there to lend varying degrees of support. But when tragedy strikes on Ama’s wedding day and spreads to every corner of the group’s lives they hold on each other to survive. Will their misfortunes bring them closer together or will it tear the quilt of their friendship apart? They are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our girlfriends, our aunties. Pamela’s body is a ravaged canvas of her troubles. Matlakala tries to prop up a failing relationship. Beauty’s sharp tongue and dark secret threatens to doom her to a life lived alone.  In To The Black Women We All Knew, Maenatsha showcases the modern township existence and its weakening yet ever-present link to tradition.  Her vivid writing tells of the capriciousness of life and love and the strength of women in the face of a crisis.

Kholofelo Maenetsha

Kholofelo Maenetsha, originally from Limpopo Province, lives in Pretoria. She has a degree in Drama from the University of Pretoria and is currently completing her degree in Environmental Sciences with UNISA. She has published three romance novels under the pseudonym, Kholo Matsha by Sapphire Press (Kwela).

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“A bittersweet eulogy this is to the suffering of Black women at the hands (and often the fists) of Black men… A compelling read, maintained by suspense in the narrative. There is a cathartic value to the novel which left me with a warm admiration and sympathy for women’s resilience in the face of a continuing misogyny”
– Helen Cousins, Africa in Words

“The author weaves several intertwining narratives about love and families in this complex modern South African tale about the dark and frightening sides of domesticity. A lovely read, with unexpected turns.”
– Sonwabiso Ngcowa, Cape Times

“An ice breaker for discussions and heated debates. The writer is completely carefree and each of the female characters’ stories are vulnerably inked with complete bareness on paper. From these young women’s stories you’re sure to cry, go crazy and feel all sorts of strange feelings projected by the female characters. Plus, there’s plenty of entertainment and light moments of laughter too. One is guaranteed a good experience of sheer aesthetic skill and pleasure for those with an intense appreciation for words. It’s a master creation.”
– Rutanang Book Fair

“Breath-taking, the prose alone is so captivating.”
– Nicci Legoka, Goodreads Reviewer

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