Eloquent Body

Dawn Garisch

As both a medical doctor and a writer, Dawn Garisch has lived a split life for many years. Finally, Eloquent Body allows the two streams of her life to converge.

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Eloquent Body

Through exploring both the science and poetry of the body, she investigates how we can determine what to trust. She suggests ways of developing a partnership with oneself, which includes not abusing the very ground we live off and stand on. In an engaging manner, Eloquent Body offers a circumspect and quiet wisdom in response to the instinctual need to find out who we are and why we are.

Dawn Garisch

Dawn Garisch is a doctor who writes, a poet who walks, a researcher who dances. She lives in Cape Town near the mountain and the sea and has two grown sons. Her last novel, Trespass, was nominated for the Commonwealth Prize in Africa.

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